Isla Mujeres - The Island of Women

Isla Mujeres – The Island of Women

Isla Mujeres is a small island town in Mexico’s beautiful Caribbean sea, getting here is a short 20 minute ferry ride from Cancun.  It is the easternmost point in Mexico.  The island is some 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) long and 650 metres (2,130 ft) wide. There is a large global community of people who love, cherish and continue to visit Isla Mujeres year after year, it is a special place in many people’s hearts from all over the world.  Including ours!  There is something about this island that draws people here and sometimes ends up keeping them here!  Some say Isla (as the locals call it) has a spiritual energy or a magnetic draw to it, or perhaps it is the simple beauty and charm of the island itself, or the people that make this little island all that it is.  We think it’s a little bit of all these things, we call it the soul of the island –Soul de Isla Mujeres. is a website for the people of the island as well as those wanting to visit it. We are focused on supporting the Isla community in areas of commercial business and social support as well as what sustains this island – tourism!  Both tourists and local isleños will find useful information  on our site.  Local businesses are able to offer their information or services in one of our free listings.  We aim at bringing all ‘Isla lovers’ together by providing an intensive Isla Mujeres information sharing network for all all to benefit and enjoy.

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Whether you are looking for a place to stay on the island, how to get here, the best place to eat Mexican food, or perhaps you would like to go scuba diving? You will find it all here.  Are you looking for a wedding planner or a real estate office? Check out our Isla Business Guide and our Isla Mujeres Directory sections  for our long list of services provided by the businesses and people of the island.



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Island of Women