Breakthrough-AdventuresTransform your holiday into a life-changing adventure.

Are you afraid of deep water, the sea, or scuba diving? Over 1/2 of all adults have some fear or anxiety.
Conquer your fear, experience the magic of breathing underwater, and return home feeling confident and fully alive!


You’re capable and successful. You have a career, a family, you’ve served your community. You have money in the bank. You’re used to having or getting what you want. Presented with a challenge, you’ll rise to meet it.

You’re self-aware and like to put energy into your personal development. You’ve been around the block a few times, know what turns you on (and not so much), and who you are. And you know how to get back up when life throws a punch.

But sometimes, deep down, you don’t feel so all-fired-powerful. Or so damn courageous.

Like your fear of deep water. What’s that really about? “Yes”, you tell people, “I did have that bad experience when I was younger, so it makes total sense.” But in your heart you think, “What’s wrong with me…why can’t I just get over it… I should be able to… Other people do.”


At Breakthrough Adventures, we’ve combined the skills and experience of a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and professional Life Coach. We offer “coaching + diving” experiences that dramatically alter people’s relationship to deep water—and, more importantly, themselves—leaving them feeling free and alive in their everyday lives.


We’re going to enjoy helping you overcome your fear and watching you grin from ear to ear as you experience the magic and wonder of floating weightless and breathing underwater.

Watching your expression after you take your first breath underwater is so much fun…but what’s most thrilling for us is watching you come alive as you get just how much power you have to shape your reality and start to see what else is possible for your life!

We salute all the courageous people we’ve worked with—young and old—who’ve overcome their fear of deep water. We’re honoured to have been their guide, on both their outer journey, and their inner one.

And we’d be honoured to be YOUR guide.

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