Welcome to Clinica Veterinaria de Isla Mujeres

We are a non-profit vet clinic which provides primary and specialist care to the pets, strays and wildlife of Isla Mujeres. Working to provide low cost services while maintaining the highest possible quality of surgical, medical and nursing care to our patients while working with owners to ensure appropriate resource allocation, we aim to treat each and every animal as if they were our own.


Most pet owners have been in a situation like this: Buster slipped on the way down the stairs and now he’s walking with a limp. It’s 11:00 at night – should you call your veterinarian, or are you just being a worrywart?

You’re never wrong to call

If you’re concerned about your pet, you should never feel embarrassed about calling a veterinarian. Remember, you know your pet better than anyone else. If you notice your pet behaving in a way that’s unusual for her, or if something just doesn’t seem right, you may have picked up on a subtle sign of a real problem.

-Your pet has been experienced some kind of trauma, such as being hit by a car or a blunt object or falling more than a few feet.
-Your pet isn’t breathing or you can’t feel a heartbeat.
-Your pet is unconscious and won’t wake up.
-Your pet has been vomiting or has had diarrhea for more than 24 hours, or she is vomiting blood.
-You suspect any broken bones.
-Your pet is having trouble breathing or has something stuck in her throat.
-Your pet has had or is having a seizure.
-Your pet is bleeding from the eyes, nose, or mouth, or there is blood in her urine or feces.
-You think your pet might have ingested something toxic, such as antifreeze, rat poison, any kind of medication that wasn’t prescribed to her, or household cleansers.
-Your pet, particularly your male cat, is straining to urinate, or is unable to.
-Your pet shows signs of extreme pain, such as whining, shaking, and refusing to socialize.
-Your pet collapses or suddenly can’t stand up.
-Your pet begins bumping into things or suddenly becomes disoriented.
-You can see irritation or injury to your pet’s eyes, or she suddenly seems to become blind.
-Your pet’s abdomen is swollen and hard to the touch, and/or she’s gagging and trying to vomit.
-You see symptoms of heatstroke.
-Your pregnant dog or cat has gone more than three to four hours between delivering puppies or kittens.
What to do if it’s an emergency

If you notice any of the symptoms above or you suspect a serious problem, try to get directly in touch with a veterinary professional. Don’t leave a voicemail or use the Internet or email.

Be prepared

Most important, remember to trust your instincts. You know and love your pet, and you have the right to be worried if something seems wrong. Emergency veterinary professionals are there for you, never hesitate to call.

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