In the Vision Cooperative Woman promote the development of Sustainable Production Alternatives for Women in the fisheries and agricultural sector.

In our community, women did not have an active role in the search for viable alternatives that create spaces for our empowerment and creating new revenue streams that will improve our quality of life, so we need to promote our development activities to promote considering our needs, our different roles and changing economic and family circumstances in which we live.

We recognize our current role as producers and women as individuals able to create and take proactive and productive decisions, becoming effective agents in the sustainable development of our community.

Based on the above, the Cooperative “Vision Woman” considered necessary to develop sustainable production alternatives to generate a constant source of economic resources for families, and are of benefit to the community.

Vision-woman production is a cooperative that is formed in 2009 with the support of our families mostly by wives and daughters of fishermen and born as an initiative to create sustainable production alternatives for women and boost our economic development and social as well as contribute to the conservation of the oceans and the environment.

Vision-Women promotes the potential of women in activities and projects that contribute to the development process of our community and give us access to education, productive resources, services, social and economic benefits.

Our goal is to create production alternatives for women in the fisheries sector, for maximum utilization of fishery waste by recycling, in order to obtain different products, such as handicrafts with fish scales and other products as packaging and PET plastic crafts, biofertilizers, biopesticides; also develop projects in the agricultural sector such as the Family Gardens, Nursery Organic Fertilizers and rescue native plants well we contribute to proposals and actions for the conservation of the environment.