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I have always thought that a picture is one of the most powerful things in this world. Just one shot can take you to a whole new world in a second! It can make you cry, laugh, or feel loved! The thought of being able to share my vision and my point of view with the world through a picture seemed like only a dream for me.

From the moment I first held a camera in my hands, I knew I was in love. I remember being twelve years old and I was working on a project for my history class. My first shots were of a historical building in Chihuahua, Mexico, and the joy I felt while taking these photos was indescribable.

After these first few shots, taking pictures quickly became a passion of mine. Capturing the beauty seen in the world through still shots became my goal.

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I am lucky because I was born in a country with so much beauty and so much diversity. Mexico is full of many different cultures, traditions, and color! It is also filled with gorgeous locations; however, my favorite aspect of photography is capturing the people. Faces. Personalities. Life. Every smile, every moment I experience with the person in front of my camera, the stories they share with me and the ones we create, turns small portions of my life into unique priceless memories. My passion for photography would be cold and dry without the beauty of the people in this world!

So, I would like to thank you for sharing my dream with me, for giving me opportunities to create priceless memories, and for allowing me to continue to do what I love!


Lalo Meraz


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