Getting to Isla Mujeres is fairly simply from the Cancun airport.  Check out our interactive map to give you a better idea of Isla’s location.

Our Recomendation from the airport:  CARM Tours and Transfers  has been in operation since 1999 and offers a private Airport Transportation service for $60US return trip, which will get you safely from the Cancun International Airport to the ferry.  They even provide cold beer in the van for your trip from the airport to the ferry (additional cost, prepaid).  If you would like to stop at the grocery store on your way to your resort, condo or villa, they can also do that for $30 extra for up to 1 hour of shopping at Walmart or any grocery store along the way.  CARM Transfers has many services available. If you are traveling with children you can request a baby car seats at no cost.  You can book your Cancun airport transportation today with CARM Transfers!

Car service: could be as little as $ 17 per person round trip through Best Day or as much as $ 65 round trip for up to three people through USA Transfer. Further contact info including email address can be found here:…. Entertainment Pus is the same company as USA Transfer. Both Best Day and USA Transfer are reliable and have their fans. Keep in mind that if you’re a solo traveler you will be charged 34 dollars for RT by  Best Day, as there is a two person minimum charge. USA is private, meaning no one will ever share your van. You’ll most likely end up without sharing on Best Day either but it could happen. Same amount of time as taxi. Both can be reserved ahead of time online and will meet you outside with a sign.

By taxi: 55 – 60 dollars one-way from the arrival exit at the terminal to downtown Cancun or the ferry terminal Puerto Juarez (Gran Puerto).  It appears that Hertz and one other taxi company have some kind of concession at the arrival exit from the terminal and the price for a cab is fixed at about $60. There are no other cabs from other companies parked there.  If you walk down the sidewalk and around to the departure entrance there are plenty of other cabs that will only charge you about $25 to $30 one-way! The drive is roughly 30 – 40 minutes depending on traffic .

Shuttle van: around 20 dollars per person, and could take over an hour if dropping lots of people off in hotel Zone. Buy your ticket inside the airport, then hand it to shuttle driver.  If you miss the airport counter, you can also purchase the shuttle outside in the parking lot from a ‘representative.’   Cost will range up to $20 USD to Puerto Juarez.

Bus: ADO buses (56 pesos) depart the airport and drop you off in the Cancun bus station. From there a cheap cab drive (about 50 pesos) can deposit you at the ferry dock. About same as the shuttle time wise. For infor on where and how to get the bus, click the link below.

Ferries:  Getting to Isla Mujeres from the ferry terminal in Cancun is a quick 20 minute boat ride.  You can catch a ferry from Puerto Juarez or Playa Tortugas. Puerto Juarez is quite close to downtown Cancun, but not within walking distance whereas Puerto Tortugas is located in the hotel zone of Cancun.  The locals use Puerto Juarez (aka Gran Puerto) and thus these ferries can get crowded, especially during high season.

You can also take a Shuttle for about $20usd or the ADO bus (equivalent to a greyhound) for $4usd to the downtown bus station in Cancun.  From the bus station you can take the R15 local bus, but taxi is easiest and only 10 minutes to the ferry terminal.

The Ultramar Ferries to Isla Mujeres from Gran Puerto (Puerto Juarez)  leave every half hour running from 6:30am to 8:30pm and then every hour until 11:30pm.  The cost is $70pesos one way.

The Magaña Ferries leave from about 10 minutes down the street and are the older, original ferries.  Prices are slightly cheaper but the schedule is more irregular.

Ferries from the Hotel Zone depart daily from Playa Tortugas to Isla Mujeres every hour from 9am – 5pm.

Once you arrive on Isla Mujeres: your options of reaching your hotel are walking, bicycle cab, or cab. Walking is fine with minimum luggage to a nearby place; bicycle cab is recommended if you are nearby but have more luggage than you can comfortably manage by yourself (they bike your luggage, you walk along), of course, cabs are always another alternative. If you’re staying outside of the Centro area then a cab is necessary.  Cab is around $3 USD from dock to hotel in Centro, and around $7 to Sac Bajo.

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