The Isla Mujeres Scholarship Group started in 2005 with a few high school students and 6 sponsors. We paired Isla visitors with specific students and both sides benefited from this personal connection. It has become a great cross-cultural exchange, with everyone enriched by the relationships.

As high school students graduated, some really wanted to go on to study at a university, so it became necessary to form teams in order to meet the increased tuition and school expenses for these students.

There are two levels of sponsorship, $30 or $55 month. ($5 is an admin fee and slush fund for emergencies.) High school students receive $50 a month and depending on circumstances university students receive between $150 – $300 per month – in pesos equivalent. Each sponsor communicates with and sends the promised money to their team captain before the 20th of each month and the captain sends a deposit to the bank account (set up for this program by our “banker” Jana Epperson).

In return we ask the students for two things – maintain a C+ to B- GPA and communicate with their donors. Some in high school may not have email, so Facebook is another way to communicate. It has become a special treat for students and their families to meet their sponsors over a dinner when the sponsors visit Isla. If needed, Maggie can join the meal to provide translation services and help break the ice.

For those unfamiliar with the Isla Mujeres Scholarship Group it spun out of the La Gloria English School & currently assists kids who want an education but can not afford one, it gives them the financial means  an opportunity to learn

Posted by Maggie Washa on their FB page…”We are now officially (fairly desperately) looking for more sponsors for the new students starting college. They all have 1st of August deadlines for paying fees, tuition, rent and buying books to start their college careers. Anyone who has thought this program is a great idea and wants to become involved, even if it is just for 6 months or a year, NOW is the time to contact us! Antony, Fabiola, Maria Jose, Arley and Jordy are all starting college and are still in need of sponsors.  Email me at  Hope to hear from you!”